UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine, Cebu City, Philippines

UV Graduates practice medicine all over the world, But their journeys all started here
3000+ International Students
100+ Years of Success
5000+ Beds Hospitals
400+ Full Time Faculty
91% Highest MCI Passing Rate

The UV Gullas College of Medicine, or also known as University of VisayasGullas College of Medicine, has a celebrated reputation with it being the 1st university in Cebu City, Philippines established in 1919.

University of VisayasGullas College of Medicine not only sees its graduates turn into successful Licensed Medical Doctors but also graciously houses over 30000 medical aspirants of which several thousand are international and Indian students who want to pursue MBBS in Philippines.

It is one of the top ranking medical colleges in the Philippines to study medicine. This private medical college is recognized by the Medical Council of India.

And thus, the UV Gullas Medical College reviews for MBBS in Philippines are pragmatically always positive, be it University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine's ultra-modern hostels, adaptive educational curriculum, urban location and ease of living. Supporting this, the UV Gullas College of Medicine ranking is attractive and presents the University of VisayasGullas College of Medicine as a credible and smart choice for an MBBS abroad.

UV Gullas College of Medicine World Ranking

According to 2024-25 statistical reports, UV Gullas College of Medicine Ranking as 3rd Best Medical College its in the top medical colleges with American MD Curriculum in Philippines

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions:

The admission process at the UV Gullas College of Medicine is overlooked by the University of Visayas Philippines, just as all its other functions. The limited seats for the MBBS in Philippines 2024 (UG level) are up for admission at UV Gullas College of Medicine for interested candidates who would like to land a state-of-the-art education. Even though the college is situated abroad, it's not heavy on the pocket considering UV Gullas College of Medicine fees structure. The facilities in UV Gullas College of Medicine hostel are the same as the institute which consists of air-conditioned classrooms in order to provide high-quality academia and experience.

Ranking and Recognition:
UV Gullas College of Medicine

Considering the 91% MCI pass rate, UV Gullas College of Medicine is ranking at the 3rd position among the MCI recognised colleges in the world. University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine also falls within the top 10 colleges in Philippines.

The state-of-the-art labs and academic expertise University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine portray hasn't gone unnoticed. Several recognized boards give University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine a boost into its cosmopolitan and multi-cultural exposure.

A few boards referred to are:

This doesn’t only support global communities but also serves are portals to career opportunities around the world.

Internationally Recognized by

More than any other Non-US medical schools in the world

International provider of Physicians practicing in America.
Medical Residents and Clinical Rotations from the Philippines.
USMLE (step 1) first-time pass rate of students from 47 countries
affiliated clinical hospitals in the US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND.

“According to American Physician Statistics, one among ten doctors in the USA studied at Philippines Medical university”

The University maintains the most advanced medical facilities. It provides a well-balanced learning environment. It possesses an array of medical buildings complete with advanced educational facilities and seamlessly integrated with its own training hospital.

The Available Ultra-Modern and State-of-The-Art Teaching and Learning Facilities Such As

Affiliated Hospitals

Located at Mandaue, Cebu City
Located at Mandaue, Cebu City
Located at Cebu City
Located at Cebu City

An affordable Medical Education. UV-GCM was founded to offer you the highest quality medical education at an affordable cost. It offers the lowest tuition fees amongst all top accredited medical schools, with tuition from $1900 US Dollars per semester. Start your medical career with less debt.
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We follow American Education System and all study programs are in English Medium. Our Prestige is our Graduates have 91% success rate in the MCI screening test.
Recently in Philippines Competitive Examination 2019, Results have made UV Gullas College of Medicine on Top 3 in the entire country with Highest No of our Students Topped the E amination, which makes UV Gullas college of Medicine best choice for the Students.

“Connecting the Best Minds in Science and Patient Care”

Our services depend on the philosophy of Amor, Servitium, Humanitas; meaning, we put Love, Leadership and Service to Humanity first. We believe in shaping a student’s career that broadens his perspective and prepares him for a career of his choice.

Reputation & Quality

The University’s international reputation for world-leading research, facilities and resources attracts students from all over the world. Imbue the Christian ideals of love and service to humanity through a tradition of religious and community oriented education. Numerous rankings placed us first and as most preferred medical college in the Philippines. our medical and health teaching and research as the best in the Philippines for years running and the UV Gullas as the best university in the Cebu, Philippines. University of Visayas Gullas came top of all universities in Philippines as most preferred medical school for International students.

Academic Staff

Our academic staff are globally renowned, Our staff are truly international, originating from almost 100 different countries and territories. The University has won many Anniversary Prizes for Higher Education – more than any other university.

Leadership & Personal Development

Our achievements are not purely cerebral. UV Gullas students have taken part in the Olympic Games, winning numerous medals most of which are gold. We are also proud of our reputation for fostering leadership among our students, both directly through the subject they study and through the opportunities we are able to give our students, thanks to the huge variety of endeavour the University is involved in.

Innovation & Shaping

Our eyes are firmly fixed on the future. University of the Visayas, Gullas College of Medicine has most successful organisations for commercialising research through medical technology licensing. Our work has a wider impact on society, contributing to the Philippines economy every year with a global impact and supporting more than 20,000 jobs. Our medical sciences research alone is worth billion in the value of lives saved, quality of life improvements and in support for the local life sciences cluster.

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4000+ Students Preferred Atmia Education not because we are most reasonable, we believe in Quality Education..

Commissioning and Acting as agents are NOT in the system of Atmia Education. “We are not Agents, we are Parents”.

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Welcome to the year of UV 2024-25

Philippines Premier Medical College

UV Students Shines Again in 2024-25 with 85%^ MCI Screening Test Results

With 100+ years of Academic Excellency. The UV Group with Atmia Education Exclusive Strategic Partner in India is one of Asia’s largest educational conglomerate with over 40,000+ students and 500+ experienced teaching and non-teaching faculty in over 30+ Campuses.

UV has already set a benchmark in academic excellence by continuously delivering top and matchless results in International competitive examinations.

Ranks Glare for UV Gullas

We are highly ranked in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia & India league tables and over 75% of our research activity is categorised as world-leading or internationally excellent (Research Excellence Framework)
World rankings - QS World Rankings

we have been:
- Rated #No. 1 in the philippines for Development Studies
- Rated high for research output.

At UV, a new trend from 2019 is seen more medical students are pursuing interdisciplinary careers and dual degrees MD+MPH, MD+MBA, etc.

Become a Doctor in the US or UK Your Future in Medicine Starts Here

With American MD Doctor of Medicine Programme

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Question Asked to President of the WFME - World Federation for Medical Education

What do you see as the biggest challenge to medical students throughout the world? 

To be able to trust that the education they receive is of high quality. The number of medical schools in the world is exploding, and the quality varies a lot. WFME tries to affect this through accreditation support and recognition and through a web-based directory of all medical schools in the world, The World Directory of Medical Schools. Students also need to act as change agents to influence education and meet the expectations of tomorrow’s patients and global society

at the same time, we need to support each student in achieving the highest possible level of success based on her or his abilities. "Strive for excellence"!! Finally, we need to have a clear picture about the possibilities and responsibilities of undergraduate education in relation to the other two phases of life-long learning as a doctor.

The American MD curriculum at UV Gullas College of Medicine

Early clinical experience with an innovative research-led curriculum

Study in a state-of-the-art medical school, unlike any other in Philippines

UV’s MD programme has been designed to provide students with the medical knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitudes required to become a competent Foundation Year (FY1) Doctor.

UV’s spiral curriculum is taught in a series of modules based on body systems which, in turn, encompass various scientific and medical themes. The curriculum is integrated, and problem- and systems-based, and promotes early patient contact and clinical skills. 

The programme is very similar to the Doctor of Medicine (MD), USA its content, method of delivery and selection criteria.

This wealth of tradition is combined with some of the most modern medical facilities in the USA & UK, including the largest new hospital now at UV Gullas Banilad Campus. the new Building, containing some of the largest open-plan biomedical research laboratories in Philippines in accordance with the biggest labs in USA.

As you would expect from a medical college that has 100+ years experience of training the next generation of doctors and surgeons, our students are very satisfied with their learning experience – in the most recent National Student Survey, 94 per cent students were satisfied with the quality of their course. We will be bringing the same standards of innovative research-led teaching and investment in excellent facilities.

With Guaranteed Clinical Rotations^

More than any other Non-US medical schools in the world

The Pre-Med program is ideal for high school graduates who are committed to pursuing careers in medicine.

Students may study the 1st Year program at International Campuses in India.

The curriculum provides a comprehensive approach to premedical training, emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills.

We prepare them for the next levels of the MD Program.


UV Gullas College of Medicine - Important FAQs

Can a student avail educational loan for UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Yes, educational loans are available from all nationalized banks. The students have to apply directly at the place of their permanent residence.

Is there any hostel facility available in UV GULLAS?

Yes, separate hostel facilities are available for both boys and girls.

Can I be able to adapt to the hostel facilities in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines?

For Indian students, we have separate hostel facilities with Indian cuisine.

Do I have to give any entrance exams before enrolling for the MD program at UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Yes, students who wish to study MBBS in the Philippines should have to take NMAT exams before MD. Minimum Score is NOT Mandatory for Foreign Students, Only Appearance is Mandatory.

Can I get a scholarship to UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Yes, In UV GULLAS College of Medicine, Foreign Students are given scholarships based on their NMAT SCORE and Later Based on their Grades of semester.

Why Should I Select UV GULLAS College of Medicine?

100+ Years of Existence, Ranked in Top 3 Best Medical Colleges preferred by International Students. Renowned Medical Doctors are UV Graduates.

Who is Authorised Exclusive Authorised Consultant/Representative of UV Gullas College of Medicine, Cebu City, Philippines?

Atmia Education.